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Thursday, 13 March 2008

2 very messy kids

Daniel took the kiddies out to play on Sunday afternoon, so I could have a good break. When they got back both kids were plastered in mud and soaking wet. I've been through the photos on the camera, and now know why. Apparently this kept them both amused for 2 hours and daddy had to drag them away.


  1. Gotta love it when Daddy takes the kids out! I never know what mine are going to look like when they get home.

  2. ohhh my, what fun they had, the photos are fabulous.. my fave is your little lady holding up her skirt going through the mud, soooo sweet!!!

  3. The top two photos look so fairy tale to me.

    LOL, at your 'good rest'...you're now on the inside joke ... Daddy's always bring kids back worse (or at least stickier) for wear. {Wink}...but what sweet memories, yes?

  4. At least you know they had fun..I was worried when you were gone for so long..thought maybe you had the baby! :-)

  5. Adorable pictures! I love the one with your little boys back to us. He looks to tiny! :) Cheers for Daddy for getting them out and leaving mama with some peace!

  6. A good mud hole could keep me occupied for two hours, too! I have yet to outgrow the joy of playing with dirt! LOL! Good thing that my niece is the same way, I would look rather silly playing all alone in a mud puddle!


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