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Wednesday, 19 March 2008

In need of some creative ways

Desperately in need of some creative ways to say Thank You, but No Thank You. Wonderfully generous people have already started plying my kids with candy-chocolate eggs for Easter.
Folks who asked us in advance have been told, yes by all means get them an egg, but please make sure it is dark chocolate (preferably minimum 75% cocoa solids), and avoid ones with sweets inside.
Others, who don't understand that "milk chocolate" is over 60% sugar don't realise that TJ can't have it. And we treat both children the same, so Roo won't be getting them either. Today 2 lovely looking iced eggs were given to the kids at playgroup with nearly 70% sugar.
What can I say? Can I creatively refuse these gifts? Or do I just smile, and then remove them from the kids, put them in a bag and then dispose of them later?
We're going to the in-laws church Easter Sunday. Last time we were there that day, I remember seeing all the kids leaving with carrier bags full of candy and milk-chocolate.


  1. When I take my kids anywhere, I politely but firmly tell whoever is in charge what my children's food restrictions are and ask them not to give them anything to eat without my permission. I get a lot of strange looks at church, but that's okay. I would rather deal with another adult being offended than my kids hurt by eating something they shouldn't. I would just tell them, "No thanks. My children don't eat sugar for medical reasons." If they ask why then you can go into details. If I were the one handing out the candy, I would rather hear that than have someone take the candy and just throw it away.

  2. That has to be so hard, but what else can you do but politely say "No, thank you" and explain if you feel the need to...

  3. I'd be up front about it. This is your child's life, not some choice you made that can be waffled on, sweetie.

  4. I would be devastated if I gave chocolate to a child that couldnt eat it! Rather tell folks upfront! My kids didnt know Easter involved chocolate until they started playgroup and now I tell everyone they may give them each 1 item and then I ration them. (mine dont have allergies but they actually dont like choc anyway!) They prefer to do hunts and give me the eggs....not a great solution for ME!!!


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