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Thursday, 30 October 2008

Baby Carriers

I've always loved using the single shoulder, ring-style baby carrier. I own 3, and I made TJ one ready for when Roo was born. Its such a versatile sling, I can carry a newborn or a todder, horizontal or upright. I can feed descreatly - its perfect!
I've found a limitation. I can't put Tisha down when Roo is crashing about. But carrying her on my front or hip I can't reach the sink etc. She's too young for the back position yet. So I was stuck.
Daniel found me a Mae Tai Carrier cheap on ebay, its designed to carry a child 4 mths and older, front or back. So now I can get stuff done and keep the baby safe. It arrived late yesterday, and I had a go putting it on earlier.

More Snow

We had some more snow last night, so we woke up to a small coving of snow on roof tops, cars and the grassy areas. The kids rushed out to play in it after breakfast before it all melted away.

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Masks and the weather

The kiddies decided to do some dressing up this morning. Roo was upset to find that the bunny ears are now too small for him, and his lion mask (from a party) badly damaged. So I offered to make him a mask later. He asked for a piggy mask but couldn't wait. So 1/2 a sheet of pink card stock, a length of shearing elastic and 5 mins later - one happy little boy. He wore it for a solid 2 hours.

This afternoon was a big surprise - it snowed! How did it get cold enough? Didn't lay though.

Saturday, 25 October 2008

Friday - Our Return Visit to Drayton Manor

Daniel got the day of work yesterday (horray!) and took us of to Drayton manor for a return visit. Roo was so excited when he realised where we were. He loves Thomas Land (the childrens themed area of the park). TJ had grown enough to go on the 2 Thomas Land rides she was too small for in July - Cranky and Terrance.


The first day of the school holidays - only 12 more days to go.

Thursday, 23 October 2008


Sorry all, Chloe was missing from my zip file. I've updated the file on my 4shared folder to include the doll.
If you've already downloaded the clothes set, then click here to get the the doll only.

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Another Paper Doll

TJ decided that our paper dolls, Erica & Justin need a baby sister. Here she is. TJ wanted pink clothing, and Roo - orange, so she has both. To download the doll and clothes click on the preview below.

To get more dolls and clothes check out my previous posts, and the Scrappin Cop's blog.

I've been scrapping

Daniel's planning on taking us all to Drayton Manor again later this week. So I figured it was time to finish the scrapbook I started making about our last visit. I've done 2 more pages, both of the Thomas Land children's area of the park.

To see the images larger in my gallery with full credits, click on them.

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

I feel to dangerous to cook

Nearly set light to the kitchen this morning - a milk pan! How did I forget that? The charred up pan is in soak in the sink, and the house is a bit smelly but otherwise all is OK. The last 2 times I did this I wrote the pans off - will find ot if I need a new milk pan later.

Sunday, 12 October 2008

Splashing in Puddles

Splashing in puddles is one of my son's favourite activities. We can't go anywhere without his wellies - just in case.

Naturally, our paper dolls needed to be dressed for the occasion. So here they are all kitted out in wet weather gear. To download the clothing pack click on the preview. To get the dolls and more clothes check out my previous posts, and also visit the scrappin cop.

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Something to Wear

The kiddies and I have been playing with my paper dolls, Erica & Justin, and they now have some more clothes to wear. If you'd like to have them, then click on the preview below. The dolls are not included, but they are still available in a previous post.
Want more dolls or outfits? These are part of a blog train - check out the Scrappin Cop's Blog for more.

Monday, 6 October 2008

My baby is a genius!

She's only 5 months old and she's already able to scribble all over the furniture in crayon, scatter jigsaw pieces all over the house, and create large puddles of water on the bathroom floor. I think not!

Sunday, 5 October 2008

Apple Cobbler

Among other things I got a french gluten free baking book for my birthday. Its got some exciting looking recipies using chestnut flour in it. TJs birthday cake was the first recipe I tried. This morning we had apple cobbler for breakfast - gorgeous. And both kids said it was yummy.TJ, our not fond of breakfast person, even said she wasn't full yet when she finished. But as it takes an hour to prepare & cook, it'll be a weekend/treat breakfast only.

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

But we're not late yet daddy

This comment just bout sums everything up. We were trying to get TJ to hurry up and eat her breakfast. We're going to get fined if she's late to school again, but being diabetic we can't just take her with uneaten/ half eaten breakfast. It doesn't matter how early we give her it, we're still late.

Looking for a Challenge?

I host the monthly Journaling Challenge at RAKScraps. October's month long challenge has been posted (link here). All participants get this kit that I made, and all RAKScraps challenge entries go into a draw to win a fabulous prize from one of our sponsors.

If you are a paper scrapper, and want to join in, then post a photo/scan of your page on your blog and put a link to it in my comments form.

The cute scarecrow was created using a template by the Scrappin Cop, and the currly ribbons from a template by Anne Schlegel. Thanks to you both.