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Friday, 10 April 2009

Drayton Manor Fun & Scare

We went to Drayton Manor yesterday as planned. It includes the children's park - Thomas Land. It was a fun day except for a heart stressing episode in the early afternoon. We lost Roo. It took me 10 mins to find him. Fortunately he was only just starting to notice he was alone when I found him, so no trauma for the little boy. Mummy on the other hand was terrified. After regrouping and finding the old man who was helping us look for him I went in to delayed shock - took 1/2 hour to recover.

It was a showery day, and the weather forecast kept the crowds away so there weren't very many ques. Roo got to go on his favourite ride, the troublesome trucks roller coaster, 4 times. Tisha enjoyed the small Zoo and Farmer McColl's farm. The rain and clouds kept the camera in the bag most of the time, but we did manage to get some good photos. This is my favourite, taken on the rapids.


  1. I love your little boys face in the photo. You could see how much fun he was having.
    Wow I am glad you all completed the day safely! What a scare!

  2. Great picture and it looks like so much Fun!!

  3. OMG, I'm glad that you all got together safely. My heart skipped a beat as I was reading this, as I think that is the worse feeling in the world. They look adorable in the picture.


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