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Thursday, 2 April 2009

Learning To Sew

TJ has lots of these cardboard and wooden sewing toys that you thread with coloured laces. Earlier this week she told me that she wanted to do some proper sewing. So I got the felt and embroidery threads out and she has made this delightful bag this week. She is so proud of it that she announced "Daddy will say that mummy made it". Well, she's got a bit of practicing to do before Daddy gets that muddled up. But for her first ever sewing project I'm proud.

Roo was a bit jealous and wanted to make a bag too. So we sat down together. He chose all the felt colours, the motif, and the threads at each stage of the project. He sat happily watching me sew it up for him. I omitted the strap as he can still be a bit dangerous with them. If you came to visit Roo would dutifully collect the bag to show you and say that he made it.

The school holidays begin tomorrow. I didn't think they started until next Monday, but I was informed otherwise when I collected my son from Nursery this morning. So I expect there to be lots more kiddie craft projects to show you soon.

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