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Saturday, 27 February 2010

Happy Purim

Purim is starting here in the UK now, it started several hours ago in Israel and it's still the day before in the States. Isn't this time zones thing at strange? And in the Jewish Calendar the days start and end at sundown.

Those of you who know me, know that I am not a Jew. So why do I celebrate Purim? What is it all about?

The main theme for Purim is that God saves His people. In ancient Persia God saved his people, the Jews, from mass slaughter through a girl called Esther. You can read about it in the bible - in the old testament there is a section called Esther. Reading the story of Esther forms a main part of the celebration - we will read it shortly and again in the morning.

But it doesn't stop there. God still saves His people. As a Christian I believe that God saves everyone from their sins through Jesus Christ. Everyone who believes in him will have his/her sins forgiven and be able to have a relationship with God - to become His son/daughter. You can find out about this in the first 4 parts of the new testament in the Bible - they are called Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Or email me if you like (my email address is in my TOU document that comes with all my products, if you don't have a copy there is link to one in my sidebar).

Tomorrow morning we will be having a party with the children at church, reading Esther, and making lots of noise.

We will also be giving gifts of food parcels and gifts to the poor.

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  1. Good morning, Angela! Is it appropriate to say "Happy Purim"? Maybe not, huh? Well, I will say, "Blessings to you & praise to the Lord for His saving grace" instead! :D

    I hope you will have a wonderful week remembering the Lord's great gift to mankind altoghether and each person (you & me, too!!) individually.

    Thanks for leaving a comment at SSCC this week even though you couldn't make a project.


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