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Sunday, 25 April 2010

An Adventure

Daniel's Parents returned from Macedonia this week. They've been there for a 3 month missionary trip. No plane due to the Volcano, so it took them 52 hours to get home by bus etc. We went to visit them at their home yesterday. It was great to see them. Daniel's sister was there with her family too so the kids all played together happily with their cousins.
I mentioned an adventure didn't I? On our way home the car broke down. We waited just over an hour for the breakdown truck to arrive. The car was not roadside repairable, so the kids got an adventure riding in the back of the breakdown truck. We got home at 11pm.
The car now needs some major repair work.


  1. Sorry to hear about the car but I hope the kids the adventure

  2. That was quite an experience, but I'm glad that you all got home safe and sound. I'm sure it was quite an adventure for the little ones, what could be more fun than the unexpected? Hope daddy can get the car fixed in short order. Hugs.


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