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Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Needing to get out Wednesday

What's on my desk this morning for WOYWW? A tip!
I've not been able to access it since Friday , as it's in our room and Daniel's been in bed ill with the flu. And the downstairs one is overflowing with items in need of mending and ironing. And 1/2 of the rest on both desks is dumped there by the kids. Fortunately this is a laptop, so I can use it elsewhere, when I get opportunity.

Got all 3 kids at home, Roo's recovering from the flu and TJ now has Chicken Pox. Will have to clear some space later for her to do some Christmas Cards etc. When I spoke to the teachers, Christmas Play rehearsals and Christmas Crafts are currently what they are doing in class. Little Tisha is miserable and clingy, I suspect she's not well either.

The brown cardboard box in the middle of the desk has our Family Christmas Cards in it. Some are for overseas and need posting this week. I also feel cooped up - not been out for nearly 6 weeks apart form school runs etc. No toddler groups or anything due to one child or another being quarantined or home schooled. Daniel is feeling like he might be able to watch the kids for an hour or so later today while I walk to town - I do hope so.


  1. Well at least you will have everyone well for Christmas if they have all the bugs now. Poor you not able to get out...it has not been the weather for it though.
    All get better soon...
    Take care!
    sue xx 70

  2. Hang in there! Hope DH is feeling better so you can get a little break.


  3. Crumbs, you are up against it! Hope you all get better and sorted for Christmas.

  4. Awww poor you Angela I hope the family are on the mend real soon sending big hugs your way! JO (24) xxx

  5. Oho yes thanks for the reminder, must post cards for over seas! Hope every one in your family are back to normal now, then you can craft!Have a Happy WOYWW!

  6. Oh bless you - with all this snow/ice and bitterly cold weather to contend with too! Hope the little ones are better soon.

  7. Yikes, sounds like a crazy, busy time with the whole family ill. Hope it eases soon, and hope you get out, even if it's just a walk in to town.

    Brenda 83

  8. thanks for the crafty snoop...what a busy desk...hope the kiddywinks get better soon....hugs kath xxx No 47

  9. Oh Man. Hang in there, sistah. Wine helps.

  10. Sorry the little ones aren't well, let's hope they'll pick up soon!
    Take care.
    Chrissie #7

  11. Oh Angela, it seems that mommies have to keep going no matter what. Like they say over here, when it rains, it pours. You'll be coming out of the valley soon, and hoping that your whole family will be well in due time. Three little munchkins all have my prayers and hugs, same for you and Daniel.

  12. Poor little things and you too havin to look after them Hugs Pam x

  13. Ah...hope everyone is feeling better soon...and I agree - get it over before Christmas! You are right on track ;=)

  14. Yikes! sometimes the joys of motherhood can be a real drag! Good luck and thanks for sharing.

    Hugs, Marjo #45

  15. Snap i have a family off full opf viral flu (so dr says)one with chest infection and tonsilitis.Thankfully weve had chicken pox twice ,hers a tip and it works as my youngest had the c/pox very bad .Once theyve had cool bath instea d of using talc ....dont laugh as it works ...use corn flour to dust them down dries the spots quicker and leaves no scars.My daughte was covered head to toes evry opening she had em ,and was left with one scar on her bum...so please try it does stop em scratching too.Hopefully tehy will be feeling better soon hugs judex

  16. Oh my! I hate it when the kids feel awful and you can't do anything but wait it out! Hope they'll be better soon! Hugs from the Philippines! Patsy from

  17. Aw bless - three poorly kids must be really hard work. Hope they are all going to be fighting fit for Christmas, and that you get a bit of "me" time somewhere too.

    Bernie #81

  18. Argh..it's so hard when it's a constant juggle...and I bet poor Daniel has been watching from bed feeling pretty guilty. Hope by now you've had some fresh air and down time, even just for a walk into town to get your head clear!


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