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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

What's On the Fridge Wednesday?

TJ made this yesterday out of duplo. I don't know if it's supposed to be a fridge door handle for me, or just a monster in the way. It's Anything goes at Kona Kid's Krafter's for the summer, and this is definitely an "anything".
And my desk for WOYWW? It's looking in an arty mood today. I do need to clear some space in a moment to make a get well card, then put everything back to do some drawing/design.


  1. I love the duplo. I've never seen those colors or that curly piece and I'm an officianado of the Duplo blocks. We have tubes and people and you name it. They often times end up under my workdesk or in the middle of a project. It is good to see I'm not the only one with crazy things in my space.

  2. That pink journal looks like fun!! Nice desk:)

    #77 Leslie

  3. Love the fridge monster :-)
    A x

  4. Great fun, I think he's fab. have fun creating...
    Hope you will call by Friday for the first My Mojo Monthly. Thanks for sharing today.
    Sarah at 6.

  5. Duplo has changed some since I played with it with my nephews - mind, the youngest is 16..... Hope you get your desk cleared and the card made.

  6. Fun monster, duplo has definitely come a long way!
    Enjoy your designing :)

  7. Duplo certainly has changed and gone up market.Nice creative desk this week.
    Have fab creative week
    hugs judex 88

  8. Nice looking desk. I love journals! The duplo thingey is def creative and imaginative! Thanks for sharing. Vickie #39

  9. rofl @ the Duplo! Looks like an Alien has taken up residence! Nice and neat desk this week Angela....


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