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Saturday, 17 December 2011

Edwardian Christmas

We visited the National Trust's Sunnycroft Edwardian House this afternoon to see it decorated for Christmas. They'd got some of the old toys out on display which was nice. One of our church elders was part of the Carol singing choir. We checked out the dinner menu and got the kids to inspect the tree ornaments. They had decorated with sliced orange, ribbon and straw woven hearts and other shapes. Paper chains decked the halls. Internal photography is forbiden so I've no photos to show you. But I do still have something for you to see.

Roo struggles with changes to routine due to his Aspergers. He gets apprehensive if he doesn't know what is happening. So one of the best tools I've found to help him manage change is a visual timetable. I've made him a book styled one this time. The pages are A6 size and made from card.

The front cover shows which days are going to be different to normal and when everything returns back to the old routines again.

Here is today's page. The morning was blank as we had nothing set, so Roo decided what he wanted to do and we filled it in together.

Daniel has managed to get some days off work but there are spread about with work days in-between. So to help Roo know which days Daddy will be about I've added his picture to the relevant pages.

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