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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

One for You, One for Me

Another one for me ... The little monkey was cheating at snap by sneaking in extra cards for herself when dealing. My scrapbooking mind grabed a camera and was thinking layout! This month's sketch at Digitals sprang to mind and I could "see" the title spread across the bottom in my mind.

Sitting at my laptop whist Tisha does some gluing I put the bare bones of my layout together and promptly got stuck - which kit(s) shall I use? The pink in this month's inspiration kit at CKC matched up with the very pink photo so I had a look at that kit more closely for other colours and element ideas.

Bingo cards - Angie Young's What a World Needs
Tickets - Cilenia Curtis Vintage Love
Doily - Sarah Meyer's Cute Cakes Freebie
She's only 3 so I'll need some fun things too. Perhaps a smiley face button (Jan Hosford), some dolls and teddies (DeDe Smith).
Paper with small heart print - Nicki Beaudreau
And to finish off, a childish font (Darlin BTN) a paper and alpha from Cilenia Curtis


  1. Love how you've done your title here :)

  2. Love this layout! Such a cute idea!

  3. I love the letters for the title and what the title says


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