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Saturday, 24 March 2012

The Dreaded Clock Change

It's that time again, the twice annual clock change is happening this weekend and I dread it. This is more than just an inconvenience it's a life threatening event.

Both TJ and Roo wear insulin pumps to manage type 1 diabetes. Their pumps are programed by the hour. They are drip fed insulin all day and night at pre-programed rates. These rates change depending on their needs. Background (basal) insulin needs are determined by many many different factors including activity levels, routines and growth hormones. Here is an example of how the basal rates are programmed over a 24hr period.

When we move the clocks forward (or back) by an hour this causes me a huge problem, and puts them in danger. Put simply, there will be times when they have far too much insulin and other times when they don't have enough.

Some things, like the activity levels and routines will change straight away to match the new time settings. Others, for example the overnight growth hormones, take longer to get used to the new routine. From past experience it takes TJ upto 1 week for her body to fully adjust. That's one week of continuously being on high alert. And now I have two of them to manage through this.

Do you dread the clock change, or is it just an inconvenience?


  1. Oh, Angela. That's just horrible. It never even occurred to me to think of the time change as anything but an inconvenience, but I can see why you dread it. I'll be praying extra hard for you and your wee ones this week.

  2. It is sad that modern medicine can't come up with a solution for this. I am praying for you all at this time.

  3. I had no idea that something like a clock change could have life threatening effects on people! Oh I do hope and pray that it goes well for all of you!!!!! May it go easily and without stress....


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