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Thursday, 12 April 2012

Fifteen Years

Fifteen years of wedded Bliss. Well, I wouldn't exactly call it Bliss. Today we celebrate fifteen years of Marriage. Fifteen years of commitment to each other that has held true through many trials.

Would it be weird to say that I am no-longer married to the same man I wed that very special day?

The enthusiastic unseasoned youth who believed that nothing bad could ever happen to him, would several years later walk in tears with the coffin of his first born baby son in his arms. A few years after rejoicing over the birth of his first princess the doting young father would spend sleepless nights in hospital with her in Diabetic Ketone Acidosis.

Life's trials have matured the both us in many ways, and they are not over yet. Struggling with special diets, juvenile diabetes times two, Aspergers and young children, my wonderful husband strives to provide the healthiest life for all of us every single day.

Many things we focus on health wise would never have arrived in our lives but for the trials we faced. Having to read the ingredients lists on food packaging after my daughter was diagnosed as gluten intolerant showed us what unhealthy things also end-up in food. This drove my man to research all aspects of diet and nutrition, bringing huge changes to how we view diet. He still browses through the latest research publications each week.

Grief and daily stress looking after children with serious medical conditions really focuses our hearts on what is important in life. I am so blessed to have this man.  A man who stuck by me and held me close, a man who travels the dark road right by my side, a man who never lets go of his heart.

I would hope that our next fifteen years are free from grief and pain. But I know that Daniel will continue be there for me and with me till the end of our days.

I used a combination of elements and papers from different kits to create this scrapbooking layout to celebrate our Wedding Anniversary.


  1. Happy Anniversary, and may you always have a lifetime together with the happiness of your family.

  2. Happy Anniversary Angela and Daniel.

  3. What a fabulous tribute.A marriage united in the love of God can conquer much. Love and prayers to you both, and your special family.xxx


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