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Friday, 13 April 2012

Life Savers

Today's prompt for the HAWMC writers workshop at WEGOHealth is "10 things I can't live without". Apart from the obvious air, water and food stuff there are still a lot more than 10 things that two of my kids can not live without. These are their life savers (total amounts shown are for both kids together):

  • Insulin - 4 vials a month
  • Cannula with tubing - 2 to 3 a week
  • Insulin Reservoir - 2 to 3 a week
  • Insulin Pump - 1 each
  • Industrial Strength AAA Battery - 2 a month
  • Glucose Test Machine - 1 each at home and 1 each at school
  • Glucose Test Strip - average of 20 a day (on a bad day can be anything upto 50)
  • Lancet Device for Blood Tests -  1 each at home and 1 each at school
  • Lancet cartridge (6 lancet needles per cartridge) - 4 a day
  • Ketone Test Machine -  1 each at home and 1 each at school
  • Ketone Test Strip - 20 a month
  • Test Machine Battery - 12 a year
  • Glucose Tablet - variable from 0 to 50 a day depending on blood sugar levels
  • Carbohydrate Counting Tables
  • Calculator
  • Digital Scales (accurate to 1g)
In addition to the above we need a back up system in case the insulin pumps or cannulas fail etc.
  • Insulin Pen- 4 at home, 1 at my parents, 2 in school
  • Insulin - 4 to 6 cartridges a year
  • Needles - a few a month
  • Spare test machines
All of this replaces one small part of the pancreas. TJ and Roo are still too young to manage their diabetes by themselves, so they need a fully trained adult to care for them and manage their condition.


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  1. And what a wonderful 'Me' you are :-) Aren't our bodies wonderful things....when they work correctly. Keep up the good work Angela.
    A x


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