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Thursday, 5 April 2012

Make Your Mark

My art mentors, past and present always encourage me to "make marks", have fun and play. Making marks on paper or canvas etc is the foundation of making art - you can't make art without making marks. This afternoon I encouraged the kids to do some mark making of their own using some empty test strip pots. It looks like the paint bottles are running rather low so a shopping trip is in order soon.

Art isn't the only place to make marks. We leave marks on the lives of the people we interact with and the situations we encounter. There is nothing passive about making marks, we have to interact, maybe even be controversial and make a stand. I have to make a lot of marks and a lot of noise in order to advocate for my kids effectively in the world in which we live.

Don't be passive today - make your mark, make a difference and be noticed.

Today's prompt was to go to flicker/explore, take inspiration from the image and write. This is the image that came up for me.

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  1. Pleased to have found your blog via the #HAWMC i'm also enjoying the challenge. Great post, we love art in this household :) Lots of sensory play for my son with Aspergers and SPD.x


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