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Sunday, 8 April 2012

Resurrection Day

Our church Pastor blessed me last Sunday. He remembered that Roo needs extra help when things go differently to the normal routine, that I need advanced warning so I can prepare him.

This morning we will be celebrating Resurrection Day and what Jesus achieved for us on the Cross. The morning service will not be in the same format as normal and the furniture is being rearranged too. That is a lot of change to handle. Without warning Roo would have a fairly major Aspergers Meltdown.

Jem gave me an overview of what he was planning to do and yesterday morning a detailed plan for the service arrived in my email box. Thank you Jem.

Roo's visual calender for the first half of April has a symbol on it to remind him that something different is going to happen today. We talked about it a few times through the week. After receiving the detailed plan, Roo and I turned it into a visual timetable card together. He has gone to church this morning with it clutched in his hands. It will give him security during the service, helping him deal with the changes and know what is going to happen next.
Roo's Visual Timetable for Easter Church Service
Visual timetables are a communication and stress management tool for my son who has Aspergers. Many people with Autism Spectrum disorders find them helpful.

Have you been blessed by a conversation this week? 

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