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Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Superpower Day

Day three of the HAWMC writers workshop is superpower day. What superpower would I like to have?

Well the ability to teleport would be so liberating for me. On school days I have to stay within a 20min radius of my kids school. I have to be able to respond in that time for some emergencies. Many I can take a bit longer to get so school for or just deal with over the phone. But there are times when one of my kid's life depends on me getting there within 20mins of the phone call.

That's a 20min chain. I can't go out of town. I can't go to the far end of town even. If a place is a 20 min drive away, can I still go? can I guarantee that there won't be a traffic or road problem? The result is I stay in a 20 min walking distance at all times.

So if I could teleport, I could go anywhere and do anything I want to, and still be there in an emergency.

But would the temptation to use it all the time get me lazy? Would my physical activity levels go from barely enough to negligible? After all I'm very tired with being up nursing my kids through the night. Perhaps it's best if I don't have a superpower after all.

My thoughts today have inspired another art page for my Living with Diabetes Scrapbook Album.

I used items by Cilenia Curtis, Angie Young and Aria for this page from their Follow Your Art April - Explore Collections.


  1. How clever of a page idea is that?! Love it Angela!
    Can't even imagine your life. I admire you soooo much and how much you sacrifice for your children. Luv and hugs, C

  2. I admire how you don't just exist in an "I'll deal with it" manner but use your situation to grow beyond ordinary to extraordinary. Beautiful page and very expressive.


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