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Monday, 2 April 2012

What Lies Within Me.

I'm doing some doubling up on workshops today, using an inspirational quote as a starting point for the HAWMC writers workshop at WEGO and a page for my Art Journal using the new April Follow Your Art kits. The three talented FYA kit designers often include inspirational word art in their digital packs, and this month was no exception, today I was inspired by one of Aria's chosen quotes.

Being a mum to special needs kids is demanding. For me it's 24 hours a day caring for children with a life threatening condition that is relentless and seemingly endless. The valley is dark, the edges too steep and the road so long I can't see a break in the cliffs. But it's a journey I need to travel, I road I have no choice but to take, a passageway lit by lights of love.

It doesn't matter how much sleep I don't get or how overwhelming the trails of each day seem to be, they are not bigger that what is within me. Inside I have the strength I need to carry on, the peace for endurance and the love that never gives up. The troubles of life cannot drown me, I will stand and take each day and each night one step at a time. I will reach the finishing line.

There is a lot of treasure hiding within me, some shines out regularly and some stays buried. But it's a treasure cave full of strength, life and promise. Creativity is one of my treasures, a way I can focus and process my emotions. A way to pursue something of me, rather than just being mum. I can be me. I can express my pain and frustrations, and can envision my hopes and my dreams. I can create fantasy and play pretend, exploring beyond my boundaries. I can fly high above my valley. I can be free.

Another strength is my Faith, the hope in Jesus that keeps me going on, the Love of the Father holding me tight though every day and throughout the night. Greater is He who is within in me is what the bible says, God's power within me enables me to do immeasurably more than I can imagine. Together we can take on the world, together we can do more than just survive, we can overcome.

Scriptures paraphrased in the final paragraph of my writing are 1 John 1 verse 4 and Ephesians 3 verse 12.


  1. Awesome page and journaling Angela! TFS!

  2. Yes! Happy you have those! What lies within us... is so important..Hugs.

  3. Angela - this is marvellous - I especially LOVE the silhouette. I am glad to know some of the challenges you face in your day to day life.

    Don't forget that we have the Shining Stars on the 7th feature on the blog (although we haven't had any of our blog participant's children's work featured lately). If you'd like to showcase any of TJ's work one month, we'd love to feature it.

    Have a great week!!!


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