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Friday, 4 May 2012


This month's scripture challenge at Digitals inspired another diabetes poem.

Why is sleep so difficult for me?
Blood Tests and Hypos,
Blood Tests and Highs,
Ketones and Set Changes.
The diabetes life.

Why is sleep so difficult for me?
I’m far too awake,
My mind is so busy,
Too much think, think, think.
The diabetes life.

Why is sleep so difficult for me?
I have kids to care for,
Kids who depend on me,
24 hour nursing care.
The diabetes life.

I turned it into a page for my living with diabetes album using the Experience Life Collection by Angie Young.


  1. A beautiful layout Angela, Love it! :0)

  2. I notice that you are getting into the verses. You're inner feelings coming out. I have always felt relief when I write, and find I write my best when things are at their worse. I'm still trying to decipher if that means something about my personality. Maybe it's something I will never know. Good luck with yours, it caught my eye and maybe you will find it comes easy when your in the mood. Hugs, Bernie

  3. I took a peek at your living with diabetes album. It is wonderful and so familiar. My son was diagnosed 5 years ago and I finally, this week, created a diabetes layout. It is easy to scrap the happy stuff, but the struggles are important, too. My son was 12 at diagnoses. I can't imagine having 2 under 5 years old. I particularly liked the 20 minute radius page. Sharing your pages will help others understand the challenges of this disease. 24 hours a day/7 days a week.Every day and every night. God bless - and take care of yourself, too.


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