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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

What's Happening to my Desk on Wednesday?

We are packing and getting ready to move house. Our completion date was going to be tomorrow, but solicitor mistakes and communication issues mean it's being delayed. So this should be my last WOYWW post at this house. For the next one you will get a tour of my new house (I hope) and then over time watch our craft room taking shape - yes a room rather than a desk in the corner! wow! We get so many arguments with 3 kids wanting to sit at the desk and craft with me and there not being enough space, we are all looking forward to space.

And at What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday we are celebrating 3 years of sharing workspaces via WOYWW over at Julia's blog. Thank you Julia, many blessings to you and everyone visiting this blog post too.


  1. Such exciting times for you. Good luck with the move.
    Happy 3rd WOYWW birthday.
    A x #78

  2. Best of luck with the move! Happy WOYWW 3rd anniversary.
    We have made some fab blogging friends through our mad blog hop haven't we!!
    Have a great week. x Jo

  3. Congrats on the new move!...and the dedicated crafting space! Thanks for the last peek at this place. Happy WOYWW birthday! -Amanda x98!

  4. Good luck with the move - to have a room for crafting sounds like my idea of heaven!!!

    Happy WOYWW Anniversary.
    Hugs, Kay #138

  5. Shame about the delay but at least you are moving! Hope it goes well and you settle into your new craft room soon. Happy WOYWW, Helen, 8

  6. Good Luck with your move ...I found the unpacking at the other end the most stressful so I will have you in my thoughts.Happy 3rd woyww birthday.

  7. How wonderful that you will soon have an entire craft room. You will surely be in heaven. Happy 3rd WOYWW Anniversary from #2.

  8. I hope all goes well and you get settled fast and back to crafting. Try and do it on your own you deserve the peace. Good Luck

    Happy 3rd Anniversary WOYWW
    Eliza #140

  9. Yeah! I'm really excited for you to have a whole room to craft in! You and the kiddo's are sure to really enjoy it...hope your move happens quickly and uneventfully. :)
    Deeyll #179

  10. Oooh good luck with the move and how fab that you'll have a craft room in which to play!

    Thanks for sharing and happy WOYWW anniversary!

    Ali #86


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