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Monday, 22 October 2012

Boat People Layout Preparation

One of Daniel's College friend's is an educational and marketing manager at a museum in Banbury. before my parents moved north we passed Banbury on the way too and from my Parent's house for holidays. We normally stopped there on the return journey and Daniel's friend would give us a private tour of the latest exhibitions. A few years ago the exhibit was on Boat People. There was a full sized model of the living area of a boat, some cooking pots and dressing up outfits. The children got to play and learn there when everyone else had already left the museum.

I've tried scrapbooking the photos several times but not had any success. This month's inspiration at CKC , both the kit and some of the layout inspiration ideas, reminded me of them and I decided to try again by tailoring a kit specifically for my photos. I've used the skills  learnt on Cilenia Curtis's Building Color Confidence Class to create a colour swatch for my kit.

After a quick scan through my stash I couldn't see any obvious papers that matched the colour scheme, probably why I've not had any success scrapping these photos before. The patterned papers in the CKC inspiration kit from Gossamer Blue include stripes, chevrons, florals and spots and would be nice for a quilt style on part of the layout. So I've made my own paper pack using the following resources:

Next step is to find/alter some embellishments.
  • Black and Grey Scale objects are very easy to recolour in Craft Artist without going into my other graphics programs so I think Bobita Design's Frames for Life and Brads for Life make a good start, and they have a vintage style to them which should work well with my theme.
  • I'll have a route about in my lace stash for some lacy and broderie anglaise trims.
  • .......


  1. Those look like choices that are full of possibilities. I am often drawn to color as the first point of reference on pulling my kit together - although I don't do is as formally as you've done here. Great post.

  2. Way to go for building up your own papers. It looks lovely.


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