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Friday, 30 November 2012

I am Awesome

It's the last day of the National Health Blog Post Month, I wasn't aiming to do all 30 days as I knew I wouldn't manage it, but didn't do as much as I expected. It's been a rough ride the last couple of weeks. I've gotten so exhausted and run down looking after the kids with their special needs and all the illnesses they've been having. I was hit by two viruses back to back and they had me in bed. I got really ill with something I can normally shift quiet easily - the common cold.

I'm still feeling weak and I've got all three kids at home today as the school is closed for Professional Development, but I need to do today's blog post. Why? Today's prompt is "write about why you are awesome". Me? Awesome? I'm my own biggest critic. I've never been able to accept praise for being wonderful or amazing or awesome. I don't know why. I kind of feel like I'm just doing what I need to do and surviving, nothing special.


That is so not true.

I am doing something special, I am awesome, and this is why.

First and foremost I am awesome because God made me and He's The Master Craftsman. He made me in His image too and I love to create. I can learn to do just about anything creative given access to the right tools and a mentor. I create works of art that inspire many people around the world, and craft projects that bless my friends and family and anyone else I care to send/give them too. I'm constantly learning something new or teaching others.

I indistinctly knew my son enough to know that he needed a special environment and attention even before I managed to get him diagnosed with Aspergers. Most of the things I need to do to help him I was already doing to some extent. Now I have the knowledge and have gone on training programs to enable me to support him fully. I share my experiences and "toolbox" with other mums in a small local parents of kids with asd support group and also with a wider community on-line. (Asd stands for Autistic Spectrum Disorder.)

I am a awesome mum to my three children. Even though two of them have special and medical needs I don't let it get in their way of a full, active and creative childhood. I fight hard for the best available help and support for my kids that is currently available. I never give up, even when everything feels like I've reached the utter end and there is no more.

I strive to give my kids the best care possible so they will never have to worry about diabetes complications. I can handle the mathematics that diabetes throws at me and can juggle it times 2 every meal, every activity, every day. I get up throughout the night doing blood tests and other medical procedures to ensure TJ and Roo are safe and well. I'm on call all the time they are in school, and home school when the kids can't go because of their diabetes.

I offer advice and answer questions on-line and advocate for others who I have never even met because I know I can make a difference. I know how much that support is needed as I need it myself. 

Lynne say's I'm a phenomenal friend. I'm quick to offer support and comfort to others. When I commit to someone I stay committed and support them to the best of my ability. I had to give up my professional art & design work because of the stress and work load being mother and specialist carer for my children. Now I support and encourage a small group of artists that I admire and have made friendships with so they can pursue their journey instead. Maybe one day life will allow me to rejoin that road with them.

I delight in blessings others and although my family commitments prevent me from going out to social events and visiting friends, much of my craft work is given as gifts etc to bless and encourage.


  1. Never doubt just how awesome you are cos I'm sure you have three children that would let you know. Really hope you feel much better very soon.
    A x

  2. I would totally agree! It takes an awesome person, and the strength and wisdom of God, to parent kiddos with special needs. Thanks for sharing bravely and honestly here!


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