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Monday, 7 January 2013


Last year I imagined that our creativity room would be completely organised before Christmas. After all, I had a whole school term to do it in. Wrong. Last term was so crazy that it was only 1/2 finished. Today was the first day back at school so I planned to tackle the next stage.

TJ was too poorly to go to school. She spent a fair time in bed for naps so I started opening boxes and draws. In-between naps she came and sat down near me and helped with the ribbon sort out and emptying the "dump it in here" box to see what was in it.

That untidy lot is now in a nice box with all the ribbons separated, rolled and secured.

If you ask TJ she'll tell you I had ribbons in 100s of different places. Actually, it was only 3, including a paper crafting box and the sewing haberdashery draw. Not counting the 2 small boxes of carded up embroidery ribbons that were previously organised in my embroidery stash.

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  1. Well done TJ for being such a good help. Hope you are feeling much better very soon.
    A x


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