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Sunday, 27 January 2013

This Week

I'm a bit quiet this week, it's hard going emotionally. There's the exhausting diabetes management regime, but there's also a sad birthday coming up. Sometimes I wish we didn't need a calender in the hallway for appointment dates etc, then the date wouldn't jump out at me every January. Some days I wonder if scrubbing the number 29 off will help any. Probably not.

I have three wonderfully special kids, but I still miss the one who never came home with me. He would be 11 next week. I art journaled again today using Aria's new Country Road Collection.

How long does that journey through grief last?
It lasts a lifetime,
But we get further along the road as we travel,
As we give ourselves permission to grieve.


  1. What a terribly sad occasion, but what a cherished page you have created. There is nothing that anyone can really say to help but please know that I am thinking of you.

  2. Oh, Angela, my heart goes out to you. I had a daughter, who was stillborn, thirteen years ago. The waves of grief come and go, don't they? Praying for you tonight, that God will comfort you the way He alone can. You can trust Him with your emotions. He understands every bit of them. I think you have my email address from our yahoo DT group? You're welcome to email any time :)

  3. Every year I create a little something for my daughter's Angel Birthday - the day she died. I find it easier to celebrate that - a day to celebrate what she has become - rather her birthday, which reminds me of all the things I'll never get to do with her. We all find our own path in grief. I hope you will eventually find some peace in yours.


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