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Friday, 15 February 2013

Friday Smiles, More Mail

I got more happy mail again this morning, this time from Trimcraft.

Die cuts, stickers, papers, stamps, a stencil,  tow something I don't know what they are yet and some super cute mini buttons.

This evening my ears are resounding with a happy din.

What made you smile? Please share with us and come link up at Annie's place.


Caro said...

Aren't they having fun at the keyboard. Lucky you having so much lovely happy mail. Thanks for sharing Caro xx (#5)

JoZart said...

Super mail and love those budding virtuosos! have a great smiley weekend!
jo x

MaggieC said...

Both pictures made me smile, for different reasons. The pianists made me smile most because it reminded me of our children who wanted to play their grandmother's piano. Sadly, she would not let them touch it, and so lost out on the joy it could have brought. Children should always be encouraged. xx Maggie

Annie said...

You have so much in your life to make you smile. Loving the piano sharing photos especially.
A x