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Friday, 8 February 2013

Friday Smiles

My son came up to me and said.
"Obby and Monk are my favourites."

(Obby is the octopus soft toy we made together at the weekend, and Monk is the teddy I made that's body is a bag for his insulin pump to live in at night.)

"Do you know why they are my favourites?
1. They are lovely.
2. My mummy is great."


He did have a longer list, but this mummy didn't really hear much after number 2.

We're still discovering new things out our home. One of my gardening plans this year once our recently planted fruit trees are established is to get some bulbs planted so we have spring flowers along the near edge of the back lawn, in front of the house and scattered around our little orchard at the bottom of the garden. And look what's peeking out in patches along the lawn edge this week! There is also a small square of them in what I consider to be a strange location, I'll dig those up in the autumn and relocate them to the gaps along the edge.

What made you smile? Please share with us and come link up at Annie's place.

oooh oooh stop press ... stop press.  "I've got happy mail!" Now where did I put that camera?

This has just arrived all the way from Australia, my prize for winning the Jan Archiscraps Blog Challenge.


  1. What a lovely post Angela. I've often told you what a good mummy you are :-)
    Thanks for sharing and joining in the fun.
    A x

  2. How lovely to read what your son said. Greatest priceless gift, eh? I'm touched!
    and smiling!
    jo x

  3. Children say the sweetest things. They melt our heart with words that come straight from their hearts. Thanks for sharing

  4. Aww isnt it wonderful when out children say such things.
    Congrats on winning the challenge, enjoy your prize!

    Gill x

  5. It is so special when our children say things like that. Moments to truly treasure. Thanks for the smile, love Caro x

  6. Little ones can melt your heart.
    Love the snowdrops and well done to win the prize. xx

  7. Hi there Angela - wow just popped over to Archiscraps and saw your winning piece -very lovely and glad for your happy mail.. and happy cat with son :D

  8. Lovely post, Angela. So much to be happy about - your little son sounds a treasure and who wouldn't smile at being considered the best mum :) I recall Alan Titchmarsh advising folk who have just moved to do nothing with a garden for the first year but observe and note what comes up ... seems he was right, you have snowdrops :) Elizabeth xx


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