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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Whats' Under the Desk on Wednesday.

Yes, I know we normally want to know what's on it for WOYWW. But I'm under it today.

TJ got rushed into hospital yesterday breakfast time. She's been ill with tummy bug for a week or so, and I lost control of the diabetes illness complications. Fortunately she was well enough to come home and sleep in her own bed last night.

When I was throwing stuff into bags for the stay I went into the embroidery stash looking for an unfinished project to take with me. I found one to take but it wasn't the most suitable for working in that environment. I knew I had some better "travel" ones somewhere. So today I'm searching. There are two wooden boxes under my desk that haven't been opened yet so I'm investigating those.

When we packed up my textiles and art stuff etc for storage all those years ago we only thought it would be for 6 months, so my unfinished embroidery and baby projects got packed too. I expect they are in one or both of these. It was such a  relief to be able to rescue it all from the storage until after moving house this summer and I've been having fun starting to use my long neglected art and craft supplies again, Not sure what to do with those baby projects when I find them though, the baby I was in early pregnancy with at the time is now at school.


  1. It's amazing isn't it, how we pack stuff ( that was obviously important) for a move, only to find a few years later this stuff has never been unpacked. We have recently had a darn good clear out, and found 4 boxes that have never been unpacked after 15 years.Needless to say, it went to charity shops- if we haven't needed it in 15 years, I think we can cope without it, lol. Have a great week, Hugs,xx Shaz #74

  2. So sorry that TJ has been so poorly, hope she will be ok soon. Take care, Helen 14

  3. Hope TJ is on the mend now. Isn't it strange how we can pack stuff away and not miss it for years!! x Jo

  4. hope TJ is better and that you find the bits you are looking for
    Happy WOYWW
    Ria #75

  5. Glad TJ is home and recovering. I hope you find some time for some crafty time for you. The boxes you have look so sturdy and neat.

  6. Hope TJ makes a good steady recovery so you can stabilise the diabetes. Good luck with the project search.
    A x #57

  7. Hope everyone feels better and the diabetes gets in check! I love those storage boxes should be fun re discovering whats inside!Tamika #125

  8. Hope TJ gets better soon. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one with unfinished projects! LOL! Happy WOYWW!
    Carol N #124

  9. Hi Angela! Looking thru stored items can help us realize what we can do without! I have some things packed away that I should just toss out. But the pack rat in me wants to revisit it now and again!! Trusting the Lord is mending your dear TJ.

  10. Sounds like a scary couple of days with TJ but it sounds like she's on the mend now. How lovely to be able to unpack all of your treasures and start working with them again.

    Brenda 115

  11. Sorry TJ has been so poorly, but glad she is home now. Good luck in finding the things you are looking for. Happy Belated WOYWW! Thanks for sharing. Caro #72

  12. thats nasty, i wish TJ all the best. I have been going through some stuff in my bureau and its amazing what you find.
    take care

    Gill x

  13. hi there Angela - thanks for popping over and sorry for bug that TJ had lets pray it stays away..

    mm drawers not sorted can relate to that so well need to do one particular cupboard in my home too! love Shaz in oz.x

  14. Sorry your TJ has been poorly and hope she is on the mend.
    Hmmn I can relate to the storing stuff away temporarily!

  15. I sure hope TJ is feeling better. And you know - sometimes the stuff under the desk is even more interesting than what is on top. I know what you mean about packing boxes that don't get unpacked in a timely manner. I've got some boxes that are in the attic from 18 years ago when we moved into our house.
    April #133


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