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Friday, 10 May 2013

Where's The Lifeboat?

I've been drowning in life this month and my creativity has been struggling to breath. I was looking at the CKC challenge I was assigned to for next week and wondering where is the Lifeboat so I can get creative again? My CKC kit this month is nautical, so I did some art journaling to get my head out of the water. Cilenia shared her art journaling process on the Scrap Art Studio forum for the art journaling challenge there so I had a go at that.

Here's my art journaling as it developed following Cilenia's method.

I feel like I'm drowning, so the ocean wave paper would be a suitable base to express my feelings and journal all the things that are pulling me under on top off.

Good job I picked up Giny's paint splats pack, they are fun.

Adding my title using the cork alpha, I'm not sure where I want it just yet, so I'll lay the letters out there for now.
Positive words of affirmation

Finishing it off using papers and embellishments etc. I think Daniel might have a lifeboat station photo somewhere, now can I find it?


  1. This is lovely, Angela. The verse is especially meaningful to me, too. It's obvious the past several months have been overwhelming, dealing with all the ups and downs of the kids' readings - praying they will level off and you can get the rest you need to get the creativity jumpstarted (though if this is the kind of thing you do when you are out of practice, I can hardly wait to see you at full force!
    Diane from the FB study group

  2. What a therapeutic layout! The scriptures you've used are wonderful! And...I'm right there with you...looking for time to scrap and blog and BREATHE!!!!

  3. What an amazing transformation you did with this page! I love the techniques you used! You've got major skills, no doubt about it!

  4. very unique. thanks for sharing love your talent.


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