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Monday, 27 January 2014

Let's Play Racing Caterpillars

It's rough being the odd one out, and little Tisha really feels it being the only child in the house without special needs. Balancing your time and attention between three very different individuals is hard enough, but in this situation it gets more complicated. I try very hard, but little Tisha is still jealous of the time and attention Roo and TJ both need with the diabetes etc.

This month has been really tough for Tisha. TJ and Roo got ill, and it quite literately put TJ's life in danger. She needed extra 1-1 care for nearly a week and was ill for about 2 weeks in total.

Once the illness was over Daniel took the older two out and I was able to give the youngest one hour of my dedicated, uninterrupted attention. She wanted to play racing caterpillars with me. It's a game we got from the Early Learning Centre about 9 years ago, and it's been a favourite for all three children.

Tisha came down with the fever on Sunday, and is off school recovering now, enjoying more one-one mummy time. She wanted to sit with me earlier and create a page for her scrapbook about her special "mummy time". I followed a sketch from The Studio challenges blog. This is a "new" blog for me, that a scrapbooking friend pointed me towards.

Studio Challenge  Sketch Jan 2014
TJ likes to pile on the layers, I like clean and simple, and Tisha? I'd say her style is closer to mine, and she likes the inky look. I created the layout, and she chose items the Scrap Art Studio Color Play 14 collection for me to use.


  1. You have been through the mill this month! Glad you've been having some good times as well - hope Tisha is back on form soon.

  2. Oh and a lovely set of photos - you can see how engrossed she is.

  3. fabulous layout! the color pallet is so pretty. I love that you flipped the sketch on its side...always a creative way to mix things up a bit! thanks so much for playing along with us at the studio! xoxo


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