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Friday, 4 July 2014

Travel Journal Part 3: Covers

Tisha was off school with a very sore throat on Tuesday, so we made the covers for her travel journal together.

1. Cut two pieces of cardboard to slightly larger than the pages of the book.

  • 1 cm taller
  • 0.5 cm wider if not creating a fancy closure or adding a pen.
  • 2.5 cm wider to fit a pen inside the journal (SMASH style)

2. Cut a piece of paper to about 1.5 cm larger than the cardboard around all 4 edges.
3. Draw a triangle just outside the corner

4. Cut the triangles from the paper.
5. Fold the edges round the cardboard and stick down.

6. Cut another piece of paper slightly smaller than the cover and glue in place over the folded edges on the inside of the cover.

7. Repeat for the second cover.

8. Decorate the front cover.

It's my turn to provide an example for the CKC Challenge #1 again this month. Our challenge is to use a minimum of 5 triangles.

This paper Tisha chose has a lovely triangular design in the pattern, making it really easy to cut to a nice pretty, equilateral triangle.

For the cover deign we got help from a sketch I found a few days ago at Stick It Down.

Sketch from Stick it Down Challenge Blog
Here's the cover that we decorated together, based around that sketch. Tisha cut the birds out from a scrap of double sided card stock, that she found in my stash.

Tisha wanted to add her name next.
Here's a little trick we use for lining up the letters.

We decided afterwards, that the design didn't stand out very much, so a black line was doodled around the outside of all the shapes.


  1. Great tutorial on making the cover to your journal. It's looking wonderful. How clever you are to use the paper with the triangular design - works perfectly for this.

  2. Thanks for using our sketch for the inspiration! You have shown just how versatile sketches are and why I love them so much! The doodle just pops it all! I really love the cover!
    Thanks again
    - Stick it Down

  3. Super cute cover and I agree with Darcy you do make the sketch look so versatile on just about anything. The cover looks great and I like the doodling around it

  4. She chose lovely items, and the sketch was really just perfect. Can't wait to keep watching the progress.

  5. This is so cute! I agree that the doodling makes it pop.
    Cindy F

  6. That's looking great - love the doodling too.

  7. What a cute cover, you girls do good work together. I'm impressed that your black doodling is so good - that where I usually end up with slip of the marker and a big boo-boo. I'm hoping Tisha is back up to par by now.

  8. Great cover and use of triangles.


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